8 days old

Baby C and family made it into the studio for newborn photos when she was just 8 days old.  C was a little peanut at just under 7 pounds at birth and she was so precious.  We got quite a few little smiles out of her 🙂  I’m looking forward to seeing C again soon to capture some shots of the whole family since big sister A wasn’t able to make it over during the newborn shoot.  Those older siblings can sure be busy with school and sports!


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My (Future) Photography Assistant

I couldn’t believe it when my 2.5 year old picked up my phone and started snapping photos of his little sister like he was a professional photographer!  I was glad my camera was close by so I could document this proud Momma moment 🙂  Oh my gosh, this was the best, and check out the skills he is showing already.

Getting close and filling the frame

Getting close and filling the frame

Capturing the details

Capturing the details

Look at that concentration he has!

Look at that concentration he has!

More details!  What 2 year old would notice and photograph baby feet?!

More details! What 2 year old would notice and photograph baby feet?!

Is he seriously giving his client some love for being such a good model?

Is he seriously giving his client some love for being such a good model?

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7 days old

After being able to photograph B’s birth, I was able to meet up with his family again 7 days later for their newborn photoshoot.  It’s going to be fun seeing B grow up and I still think about how amazing it was to be there for his first moments.  You can tell this guy is sure loved by his big brother, Mom, and Dad!


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Valentine’s Day

We had a very messy and fun Valentine’s Day this year.  Since we never have enough time during Christmas to make cutout cookies, I decided that this year we would make cookies for Valentine’s Day instead.  Jake and I don’t usually go out on Valentine’s Day since it is such a busy evening to go on a date – and besides, we have 3 kids -what is a date anyway? 😉

We tried a Red Velvet cutout cookie recipe to be more festive and while the cookies didn’t taste great we had such a fun evening in.  How does the saying go, the bigger the mess the more fun was had?  Well, the kitchen certainly showed how much fun we had by the end!  Knox, at 2 years old, contributed the most to the mess between using cookie cutters as a snow plow to push flour onto the floor to dumping out and playing with an entire bottle of sprinkles!  The kitchen screamed Valentine’s colors by the end of the night.

I love kitchen gadgets and finally got to try out my rolling pin that is adjustable to roll out the perfect thickness throughout.  It worked very nicely and took the guesswork out of rolling the dough!

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My 1st Birth Experience

I was so glad to be part of and record baby B’s birth.  This was the first birth that I was present for, other than the births of my 3 children, so to be there photographing B’s arrival was exciting, scary, and emotional all at the same time!

Mommy had so much support there helping her through the labor, from holding her hand, to cooling her off with water and washcloths, to letting her know when the contractions were ending, she was surrounded by many eager to meet little B.  The doctor suggested that everyone take a nap just after 1am but the baby was eager to make his arrival as he was born just over an hour later.  Dad shared “It’s a Boy!” to Mom as they decided to wait until birth to find out the gender.  Big brother G was so excited and right away declared that he would definitely be sharing his toys with his little brother.  G didn’t want to miss anything, I couldn’t believe that he stayed up through the entire labor and delivery until Grandma and Grandpa took him home at 4am!

Thank you to B’s family for trusting me with such a personal time for your family, it was an amazing thing for me to experience and capture.

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Baby Harper and family

Christmas cards have been sent and received so it’s time to blog a few more sessions from 2012!

Harper and family visited the studio in November.  Baby Harper was a trooper for us and braved the cold weather to get some shots outside.  Their dog, Holly, also joined us for a complete family photo 🙂

Well hello Miss Harper

All dolled up

I love Harper’s face in this one, it’s like she is already a teenager embarrassed by her parents 😉

I loved the large ornaments at this location!

The whole family 🙂

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My favorite family

We are all adjusting to being a family of 5 and Elise is very lucky to have such a great brother and sister.  They adore her and we feel so fortunate to have 3 healthy and happy children.  Too bad we didn’t have a video camera set up to show the craziness behind capturing these images of the kids that I absolutely love!  If you know our busy 2 year old then you can imagine what I mean 🙂

4 weeks old4 weeks old4 weeks old5 weeks old5 weeks old5 weeks old5 weeks old

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