I love technology

I don’t always feel like carrying around my big camera especially when I’m out with my 3 kids, let’s be honest, we already have to bring along enough to survive for days it seems.  I received a super utility tote for Christmas – well it’s possible that I felt guilty for splurging on myself during holiday shopping so I may have known about a few “gifts” for myself ahead of time 😉

Anyway, that bag is giant but I always seem to be able to fill it up when we leave the house.  Who fills up something with the name of “super utility tote” for a quick couple of errands with a few kids?   Oh yeah, that’s me.

Since I can’t always find the room or motivation to have my fav camera on hand, I’m thrilled that technology has allowed for me to still be creative when the inspiration strikes or to capture moments with my family.

inspiration with convenient iPhone photo.jpg

Love the convenient iPhone camera on the go

Disclaimer: I have no association with link above nor do I receive any kickback for said link, I just wanted to show my fancy, giant, awesome newish diaper-purse-food-camera tote to you all 🙂

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