My 1st Birth Experience

I was so glad to be part of and record baby B’s birth.  This was the first birth that I was present for, other than the births of my 3 children, so to be there photographing B’s arrival was exciting, scary, and emotional all at the same time!

Mommy had so much support there helping her through the labor, from holding her hand, to cooling her off with water and washcloths, to letting her know when the contractions were ending, she was surrounded by many eager to meet little B.  The doctor suggested that everyone take a nap just after 1am but the baby was eager to make his arrival as he was born just over an hour later.  Dad shared “It’s a Boy!” to Mom as they decided to wait until birth to find out the gender.  Big brother G was so excited and right away declared that he would definitely be sharing his toys with his little brother.  G didn’t want to miss anything, I couldn’t believe that he stayed up through the entire labor and delivery until Grandma and Grandpa took him home at 4am!

Thank you to B’s family for trusting me with such a personal time for your family, it was an amazing thing for me to experience and capture.

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